World War!

History, it’s quite something. At school we have learned, the murder on the Austrian heir to the throne, Frans Ferdinand in Sarajevo, is the beginning of the First World War. Of course reality is more complex, but that’s what history teaches us. And what were the thoughts of all those soldiers, where ever in Europe, marching almost singing into the war, we will manage it? Certainly they didn’t say we will fix the First World War. What is the moment we called that war, the First World War? The occasion for the Second World War is more diffuse. Is it the ‘Anschluss’ of Austria, the Invasion of Poland or even already the election of Adolf Hitler in 1933? At last there must be a moment they named it the Second World War. When did they get that message?

wereldoorlog 111

No trains beween Apeldoorn and Deventer between 10.15 till 11.00 h. because of disassembling a bomb of World War 3.

Looking at the map of the world I see war, war in Iraq, in Syria, in Libya, in Afghanistan,in Yemen, in Mali, in Sudan, in Southern Sudan, in Somalia, in Eritrea and Northern Nigeria. Directly involved parties are Saudi-Arabia, the Gulf states, Turkey, the Kurds, Iran, Russia, United States and the coalition of the willing, mainly Western countries. Furthermore it’s unstable in Egypt, Israel, the West Bank, regions in the former Soviet-Union and Pakistan. And this list is just an impression, not complete at all. All this has a huge impact for Europe, for example by the amount of refugees and the roll of Europe in a military way, before, now and in the future. After all we ‘re fighting terrorism.

I’m just wondering, how many countries must be involved to call ‘it’ a world war? Are we already at that point? What is the occasion or the beginning? The moment the planes flew into the Twin Towers, the invasion of Afghanistan or Iraq? Or are we waiting for something more seriously? Is the Third World War already a fact without knowing it, meanwhile partying because of the economic improvements and totally blind for the world around. Or we call it a world war at the moment a European country is taken by force?
History, a nice (school) subject. I can’t wait to read the historical books of the year 2066.

Translation of my column of 23rd of October 2015